Historical Trees of MVHS: Mr. Lash's Mission

The Francis G. Cross Living History Arboretum


The mission of this arboretum is to collect and grow trees with a connection to our country’s 

history, thus sharing with others our past heritage. When you touch one of the trees in this arboretum 

you are connecting to a part of America’s history. When a historic tree that is part of our heritage 

dies, we have lost part of that irreplaceable connection. The trees in this arboretum, which was 

dedicated on November 17, 2013 in memory of Francis G. Cross, are associated with some of 

America’s most hallowed people. William Penn, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas 

Jefferson, and John Chapman-better known as Johnny Appleseed, are but a few national figures 

thus represented. Local figures like Isaac Reed and Bertha Smouse are etched into our state’s 

history. Other trees honor the memories of Levitt Storer, the builder of the Governor Ames, the 

world’s first five- masted schooner, Charles Huebner, one of the Old Broad Bay’s first German 

settlers, and Friendship’s own Warren Russell, who was so fascinated with oak trees he saw in 

England in 1865, that he started a grove now spread over a large part of Lawry. 

As you walk through the trees, reminisce and reflect. It was Caecilius Statius (220-168 B.C.) who 

stated, “He plants trees to benefit another generation.” And so it is that these trees were

planted to benefit others.  

By: Neil Lash