The Heirloom Seed Project was created with goal to teach students how to grow, collect, and save heirloom seeds, pass down history to the next generation, preserve and promote biodiversity of open pollinated seeds with a unique genetic make-up, and learn how to be self sufficient by producing their own food for themselves and their community.  

      In 1972 Medomak Valley High School offered the first Horticulture class to students.  The Horticulture classes were very popular and by 1991 the program consisted of one classroom and one 25 X 100 greenhouse.  During this same year, the Horticulture program and added a new facet to the curriculum, The Heirloom Seed Project.  What was once a small garden with a handful of seeds has evolved over the years into a 2 acre garden, two greenhouses, and a growing seed bank.